Cloud & Home Learning

DfE Provisioning Programme

A fully-funded initiative to help schools who do not currently have an online learning environment set up on one of two free-to-use digital education platforms: G Suite for Education and Office 365 Education.

The criteria is, if you don't have pupils set up in Office 365 or G Suite you are eligible. APPLY NOW

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G Suite for Education

It's flagship feature, Google Classroom is a streamlined, easy-to-use tool that helps teachers manage coursework. With Classroom, educators can create classes, distribute assignments, grade and send feedback, and see everything in one place.

Soft Egg provide the full G Suite for Education solution to help schools with Home Learning and Remote Teaching.

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Access Your School Remotely

Remote Working solutions for your SIMS and FMS. Accessing your school network and server is easy. Whether you need SchoolRemote Connect, RDS, VPN or an up-to-date SSL, Soft Egg can get you connected.

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Microsoft Office 365

Including useful tools such as OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint, we help your school get the most out of Microsoft Office for education. Our cloud services include migration, customisation and ongoing support.

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Secure Cloud to Cloud Backup

Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite. Backup for your cloud environment has never been more important. All data in Microsoft 365 and G Suite is your responsibility.

We can provide your school with an encrypted cloud backup solution which allows you to protect important and sensitive data.

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SharePoint & Teams

SharePoint and Teams are two of the features available with Microsoft Office 365 for education.

With SharePoint, schools can create collaborative workplaces with students or teachers. Teams allows teachers to easily share feedback on student work and with colleagues.

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Hosted Server Solutions

We understand that each school or academy is unique and requires a custom service solution which has been configured to work with the needs of the school. Our hosted servers prioritise security and the safeguarding of your data, while also providing your school with the optimum level of performance. We design and install your bespoke server architecture, and then provide you with ongoing advice and support.

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