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Supply Chain Issues and ongoing Prices Increases

Tue 22 March, 2022

We appreciate summer may seem a long way off but, in order to fix pricing, secure equipment delivery times and guarantee install slots, we recommend planning your summer project work now.

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Find out why your school should have 2Factor authentication in place for your staff working from home.

Wed 19 January, 2022

Multi-factor Authentication (also referred to as Two Factor Authentication, MFA and 2FA) is a process where upon accessing accounts or apps online, users are prompted to provide additional identify verification; scanning a fingerprint or entering a code from their phone.

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SIMS Update: What Do You Need to Know About Your School IT Systems?

Tue 10 August, 2021

Soft Egg SIMS Support covers all your SIMS needs. In particular, we’ve found that schools need our help with update support, installation of new modules, and overloaded systems or errors during key events and times of the year.

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The Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Schools: Even Post-Covid.

Wed 04 August, 2021

Sometimes when a situation occurs where something must be used like Microsoft teams within COVID it gives a huge benefit post it as many sceptical schools would not have even tried it before. Here are some great benefits for schools

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​The Importance of Using the Cloud in Education

Wed 28 July, 2021

43% of higher institutions have already adopted cloud computing and many more are following suit.

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10 top tips to improve Cyber Security in your school!

Wed 21 July, 2021

Cybersecurity is so important in the modern age of technology and its use in schools. Here are some tips on how you as a school you could improve your cybersecurity.

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Ransomware cyber-attacks are growing in schools

Mon 28 June, 2021

As scammers get smarter, schools need to be on the lookout for ransomware cyber-attacks. Recently 2 schools in Kent were shut down after data breaches.

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​Ed-tech: Bringing Apps into the classroom

Wed 23 June, 2021

There are so many apps out there that can help you in the classroom with a range of subjects that are also safe to use. So here are some ideas for apps to use in the classroom.

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​How can tablets support schools in post-Covid?

Tue 15 June, 2021

But here we are going to look at tablets in schools, how they could benefit schools when back in the classroom, and how they can improve the quality of education.

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5 ways that Soft Egg helps you to make the most of your school budgets

Wed 09 June, 2021

Here at Soft egg, we believe that we can help your school make the most of your budget when it comes down to your broadband, IT systems and their efficiency. This can be done in many ways which will save you money whilst getting a better service. So here are 5 ways in which we can help you make the most out of your school budgets.

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Assessing Your School ICT Infrastructure

Mon 10 May, 2021

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Get the most out of Google for Education Post-Covid

Wed 28 April, 2021

Classrooms post-COVID could see the merger between old and new teaching methods as the new normal. Using ‘Google for Education’ is one of these examples. Even though pupils are now back in classrooms there is so much that ‘Google for Education’ can have to offer.

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